Manage your Customer Lifecycle, Build Brand Loyalty and Drive Targeted Sales

Acquire, Engage and Retain!

The FutureCustomer.Tech Stack

FutureCustomer.Tech is an enterprise Customer Lifecycle Management Platform which enables businesses and brands to manage their customer journey; through acquisition, engagement, purchase and retention. We empower businesses to deliver personalised customer experiences, drive targeted sales and grow customer lifetime value.


FutureCustomer.Tech Enables You To

Manage your customer lifecycle, build loyalty and drive targeted sales

Create Targeted & Gamified Marketing Campaigns

Understand, Segment, Cohort and Analyse Customer Behaviour

Enable Transactions through E-Wallets, Gift Cards, BNPL & Credit

Build Brand Loyalty and Advocacy

Drive Personalised Communication and Engagement

Grow a robust Customer Database

The FutureCustomer.Tech Stack for New-Age Businesses

FCT Reach

Build brand awareness, drive customer acquisition and augment your marketing outreach with digital solutions

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Customisable Landing Pages
  • Automated Marketing Campaign Management

FCT Engage

Build channels of communication with your customers, keep them up-to-date via rich media and understand their preferences through fun and easy interactions

  • Communication Suite
  • Gamification Engine
  • Survey Engine

FCT Loyalty

Build your own multi-currency & multi-tier loyalty program to identify and reward your customers through targeted and personalised benefits, coupons and experiences

  • Loyalty Engine
  • Earn & Burn Engine
  • Coupons and Rewards

With FCT Learn

Empower your team with data, analytics and insights about your customer shopping behaviour, preferences and optimise your marketing ROI

Available On

  • Progressive WebApp
  • App (iOS)
  • App (Android)
  • Chat
  • Kiosk
  • Web Dashboards


Improve your KPIs, Increase Visits and Boost Sales


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